Christian Fellowship Church of Mt. Vernon, IL is a New Testament Church.  As a New Testament Church, we believe in the 5-fold ministry spoken about in Ephesians 4: 11-13 and the gifts of the Holy Spirit spoken of in I Corin. 12: 4-11. 

It is our desire to see men & women become true disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ, and not just Sunday morning spectators. We adhere to the full measure of Biblical truth, so men & women can have sound Biblical doctrine which will help produce Godly lives. You can also see us on facebook at



     March | 2020
Thur, 5

Fri, 6

Sat, 7
8:30 am Men's Breakfast at CFC
9:00 am Men's Small Group at CFC
2:00 pm Ladies: A Taste of IF at CFC

Sun, 8
9:00am Sunday School
10:15am Morning Worship - Communion Sunday
No God's Club
10:45am Nursery: Sarah & Nathan

Mon, 9
6:00pm Leadership Team Meeting

Tue, 10
10:30am Grand Parents Raising Grand Kids at CFC
6:30pm Ladies Small Group will meet at CFC

Wed, 11
6:00pm The Prayer Gathering at CFC

Thur, 12

Fri, 13

Sat, 14

Sun, 15
9:00am Sunday School
10:15am Worship Service
10:45am God's Club
10:45am Nursery: Brittney
4:00pm Men's Small Group at CFC
5:00pm Pete Beck Jr. at CFC

Mon, 16

Tue, 17
6:30pm Ladies Small Group meeting at CFC

Wed, 18
6:00pm The Prayer Gathering at CFC

Thur, 19