Ken Gordon
Worship Pastor

Guiding the congregation into the presence of God using music and the arts

Bob Melvin
Multi Media
Ministry Leader
Children’s Musicals

To use the child-like faith of the youth to help light the path for their lost loved ones to find home in Jesus.

Ministry Leader
Art of Worship
Our purpose is to be instruments of praise, worship, warfare and intercession. Not an entertainment for the church; but rather, to offer up a sacrifice of praise and worship to the Lord that is a pleasing and sweet fragrance. Our visual worship is a form of communication designed to be a vehicle to usher the body of Christ into His presence. A visual demonstration of the spiritual; using dance, mime, flags, tabrets, streamers, and other props or physical adornments. We use these instruments of praise to proclaim who God is to us. Focusing on a name, a character trait, or an attribute of God that we are lifting up. Our worship communicates to God our love for Him.
Carol McBride
Intercession is a time for believers to come together in unity to pray for the body of Christ locally and further, the Mt. Vernon area, the state of Illinois, our country, and our world. It is a time set aside each week to concentrate on finding the heart of God and praying in unity with Him. It is a time to seek for miracles and watch them come to pass.

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